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And then there were three . . .

Where have I been? Writing. When you face writing your first book, it comes at you like a climbing wall. Gigantic, bigger than life. The second book, you take a deep breath, and strap in and start your descent. The third book, you do it differently. You lay down the story from beginning to end. The writing is quicker and the effort to make fewer errors pays off. I started about April 15, and finished the manuscript about July 15. My first was a thriller, the second a romantic-thriller. The third, a journey made by a couple. I answered a challenge to write something my son-in-law could read. Editing could run six months. I still have my third installment in my trilogy to complete. Most of it is blocked in and the ending is awesome. It is highly likely, I will start writing a newsletter for someone. Send me your comments. I'll respond. Until next time, Write On!

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