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To those I love and have loved . . .

Good Gad! The last time I felt threatened by a virus, I unplugged my laptop. The early 60's. Brigham endured at least two major layoffs and half the town moved. While the current events are cataclysmic, we have been preparing for this our whole lives. As children, we remember watching movies in our pajamas at Walker Drive-Inn or the North Star. When we were a little older, we saw " Barbella" at the Roxy. The mountain above the Indian School burned. No one thought anything of it. Upon the rumor of lay-offs, our parents would go to Smith's and buy a case of Bean and Bacon, Chicken Noodle or Nally's Chili and crackers for provisions. We bought bread at the thrift store and quarters of beef just about anywhere. We were in the limelight when the space shuttle went down. Bottled water didn't exist until the 70's. If we had only known our water was really that good. We didn't use as much toilet paper then as we do now. Dr. Smith brought us into this world and Blaine Olsen helped us get out. We have always lived with take-out from Irv' Maddox's restaurant. In Jr. high shop class, if things got rough, Mr. Payne always shouted "Hanner Puddin'. Caught you with your pants down!" We always knew this was coming. The Peach Days display kept getting smaller and smaller. Some day when this is over, we can all meet at Peach City and toast us surviving with Orange Cherry's and Big Joe's. Have no doubt about it, we can do this. We always have. Write On!

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