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Six days and counting . . .

The Nevada deadline for the stay-at-home order is April 30, 2020. Twenty four days remaining or until further notice. What is it like here? The roads are empty. The grocery store lots are full. Otherwise, theatres, health clubs and malls are deserted. Church parking lots are deserted. Last Saturday night, we drove downtown to check out the scenery. The police had closed traffic going in both directions to one single lane each. The driveways to every casino were blocked off with a patrol car with lights blazing. The traffic lights were so that you could virtually drive the whole boulevard without stopping. The casinos' signs are lit but that is about it. Last Saturday, we stopped at Rollin' Smoke and bought a rib picnic to eat in the Tundra while watching the public hike the mountainside. I am trying to guess how all this will affect our future. I would like to see how the banks are treating it with their signs which read "No sunglasses or hats. Or masks." I could not order a N95 so I ordered a N99. It's coming in July. Somewhere in my drawer is an old KISS sticker. Grocery stores have plastic walls between the clerks and the card reader machines. The first week back to church should be interesting. If you bring your own sacrament, do you bless it at home before you come? Write On!

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