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I'm back! . . .

Your Obsessive Compulsive Writer is nearing the finish line with a new work. 64121 words. 34 Chapters. What remains is hitting the delete key on two words in two different places. The cover has been downloaded. IT is Beautiful! Within a couple of days, the eBook will be on line. The book SEO has been completed. The paperback is a couple days away getting the back cover and spine ordered. It's not like I haven't been busy writing. Or visiting a half dozen writer's groups' meet ups whenever my schedule allows. I just read today that Kindle likes all works to have TOC's Table of Contents. I thought that did not apply to novels. Let me know what you think about that. I had to fix my email slightly. It was Technical difficulties with the webhost has forced it to be changed to Give me a shout. A writer writes. An author publishes. There is a difference. Like my mom used to say, "Finish what you start . . . and clean your plate." Write On!

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