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The writer's life--plan n. 1 outline; map

As you lay in bed tonight, reflecting upon the day's events, are you wondering what are you going to do tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to be so busy with some resemblance of a schedule that if you are asked in the morning what's going on today you'll already have an answer?

Writing is different things to many people. Writing is freedom. Writing is also a business. So how's your business?

Business can be judged many different ways. Revenue, sure, but how about productivity? What if everyday looked like this:

You have out on your desk your calendar or planner. Monday, hmmm. View FB and twitter and email. Limit time 2 hrs. Read newspaper. Research at bookstore drawing out itinerary for characters of book where their travel will start, where they will stop for events and where it will end. Put a time marker to it. Lunch. Work out at club. Return calls and email. Prepare to write later during your "channeling" time.

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