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     Some women have their bosses for lovers, but how many have their bosses as confessors?
     Nicci Bleu loved her boss. He was good to her. He sent her on expeditions on behalf of the church to right wrongs and release souls looking for redemption.
     He started off as her spiritual father at the orphanage but it blossomed into something more.  Now he was the one to bless her when she needed comforting, while on her knees.
     There was always a void in her life and it just wasn't between her legs. She never met her biological father. Her mother gave her away to an orphanage before dying, telling her there would be other "sisters" at the orphanage.
     Nicci's life is one of searching and yearning to find her own version of family and lasting love amidst high stakes missions of death and intrigue.

     Most women have one good attribute. Beautiful women may have more. But the Lioness had a rare trait that only one man can describe to another. She had this mouth. And it was surrounded by lips. Lips begging to be kissed.



     Getting off in the NZ wilderness was crazy. How would she ever know if the next one wasn’t better than the last? She had been disappointed many times by nameless lovers, but she was never one of them.



     The sex was like coffee, it was hot and we drank it all the time.


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